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April 28, 2017

I attended the CHAT protest in the Bignold Park on Sunday and I was surprised to hear that the reason being given now for the changes in the maternity unit is Scottish Government cuts. Just to clear up any confusion, the Scottish Government have substantially INCREASED the funding for NHS Highland over the last 10 years...


NHS Board allocations, £million - 


2006-07 - £419.6m
2007-08 - £445.8m
2008-09 - £459.6m
2009-10 - 469.6m
2010-11 - 480.6m
2011-12 - 484.8m
2012-13 - 495.4m
2013-14 - 509.8m
2014-15 - 525.2m
2015-16 - 550.0m
2016-17 - 577.5m
2017-18 -592.5m


So anyone saying the Scottish Government are cutting funding to NHS Highland are not telling people the truth.


Please share this so that people have the facts.


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