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Letter to NHSH

April 23, 2017

 “19 April 2017

Dear Elaine


I have been in almost constant contact with your offices for many months now. I had hoped to have an urgent meeting to discuss matters, however, it has become apparent that there would be no date in the near future where you would be able to meet with me.


I write to ask when the public meetings will take place that were promised last November as part of the reconfiguration of the maternity unit will be held? My constituents are becoming even more concerned that their opinions on the matter are being completely marginalised and that they have no access to professionals, in a face to face meeting, to discuss matters.


I would also be most grateful if you could share with me what plans are in place for the minor injuries units in Caithness, Sutherland and Ross, as I have today, understood that the issues I raised concerns over 5 weeks ago have still not been addressed.


I would also be very much obliged if you could provide me with some clarity on out of hours GP services. I have several cases now of constituents who raise to me their concerns that the service is far below the standard which they would expect.


I am of the opinion now that communication from NHS Highland is at an all time low. Matters have become so drastic that I am being verbally abused in the street, purely for agreeing with a decision that was made by NHS Highland. I want to see the NHS Highland communication strategy, I want to see your plans for the future of health services in Caithness, Caithness General Hospital, the Dunbar, the Town and Country, care at home, GP’s and out of hours care. Do you feel that you are completely on track on health and social care integration?


As an elected representative I should be made aware of these matters swiftly and efficiently, not be made the target of abuse from angry members of the public who are being let down by their NHS.


Steps must be taken immediately to engage with the public.”

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