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REC Committee agenda

April 17, 2017




12th Meeting, 2017 (Session 5)

Wednesday 19 April 2017

The Committee will meet at 10.00 am in the Mary Fairfax Somerville Room (CR2).

1. Declaration of interests: Fulton MacGregor will be invited to declare any
relevant interests.
2. Decision on taking business in private: The Committee will decide whether
to take item 6 in private.
3. Implications of the outcome of the EU Referendum for Scotland -
Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries: The Committee will take evidence
Fergus Ewing, Cabinet Secretary for the Rural Economy and Connectivity,
Mike Russell, Minister for UK Negotiations on Scotland's Place in Europe,
David Barnes, Deputy Director in the Agriculture and Environment EU
Hub, Allan Gibb, Head of Sea Fisheries Division, and Jonathan Taylor,
Head of Secretariat and Communications, Forestry Commission, Scottish
4. Seat Belts on School Transport (Scotland) Bill: The Committee will take
evidence on the Bill at Stage 1 from—
Cian Gullen, Convener of the Transport, Environment and Rural Affairs
Committee, Scottish Youth Parliament;
Joanna Murphy, Chair, The National Parent Forum of Scotland;
Eileen Prior, Executive Director, Scottish Parent Teacher Council.
5. Subordinate legislation: The Committee will consider the following negative
The Transport and Works (Scotland) Act 2007 (Applications and
Objections Procedure) Amendment Rules 2017 (SSI 2017/74)
6. Budget Process Review Group: The Committee will consider whether it
wishes to respond to the consultation on the Budget Process Review Group's
Interim Report.

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