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Dounreay job losses

April 15, 2017




This announcement by DSRL is disappointing but not unexpected. As decommissioning continues we can expect the workforce to gradually decrease and offering people voluntary redundancy in the first instance will be the preferred option. 


I am also reassured to know that no aspect of security or safety at the plant will be affected. Decommissioning is a long and difficult process and the wellbeing of the workforce and the wider community can never be compromised.


I am glad that there are many projects in place to support the workforce and to retrain them into other industries. I sincerely hope that HIE will be fully involved with this process and will assist those who have been made redundant into meaningful and sustainable employment.


I am in regular contact with the management in Dounreay and also with the Caithness and North Sutherland Regeneration Partnership. This organisation will continue to look closely into how current skills can transfer into other industries and retraining workers according to the demands from the employment market locally.


It’s important that the management work closely with the unions and that the workers are fully supported through this process. I understand that not all the unions are on board at the moment and this has to change to ensure smooth relationships between all concerned and to prevent an already difficult process becoming even more challenging.



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