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Ambulance funding welcomed

March 30, 2017





The SNP’s Gail Ross, Member of the Scottish Parliament for Caithness, Sutherland and Ross, has today, (Thursday 30th of March) welcomed the news from the Scottish Ambulance Service, who have announced a proposal to increase capacity to support transfers for patients in Caithness to Raigmore Hospital and provide better cover for emergencies in the county.


Speaking today Gail said:


“I have been working extremely hard to ensure that the most pressing issues – safe patient transport from Caithness to Inverness and the ambulance cover for emergencies at peak times in the county is addressed by the Scottish Ambulance Service and NHS Highland.


The vast majority of patients will be able to be treated effectively in Caithness, some cases are not so lucky and require to be transported to access specialist care. I’ve heard the concerns of patients and medical professionals alike and took those worries to the Scottish Ambulance Service as well as NHS Highland and asked them to ensure that they addressed the issue as a matter of urgency.


I am also heartened to see that NHS Highland plans to consult with service users and staff as to the most effective way of using the new resources. This increase in funding for extra capacity will see the ambulance cover that people in the far north expect and deserve and I hope it happens as soon as possible.”

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