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Questions to the NHS

January 30, 2017

An e-mail I sent with regards to NHS travel to Raigmore, especially in bad weather -


I would appreciate an urgent update on what happened at the weekend with regards to the situation with a labouring mother being told to go to Inverness to give birth when the road was closed? I asked for a contingency plan on the travel arrangements on Saturday and I was told that everything was in place. I was supportive of the changes because I do believe that there is a risk for babies being born in a unit with no paediatric support, as the report has shown. However, I will not stand by and watch a system being put in place that fails in the second month of operation and I would like answers to the following questions –


Why did a labouring mother have to turn back on the A9 because the roads were closed due to snow, who advised her to make that journey?


Why was she not given an adequate safe transfer as stated by NHS Highland at the public meeting?


Why was no ambulance provided for her to take her down the road?


If she was in labour having minute contractions then why was a midwife not with her in an ambulance or by air?


Which orders were given to CGH midwifes to propose this kind of transfer?


Why were they allowed to make the journey and told to call 999 if an emergency?


Another question that needs answered is -


Why can’t paediatricians rotate from Raigmore to provide that cover the same as consultants are currently doing?


I gave you my support on the premise that the system was made to work. The situation over the weekend has made me seriously question this decision and people in the community are looking for answers, as am I.


I look forward to your response at your earliest convenience.  

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