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Support for local WASPI campaign grows

August 19, 2016

 The local WASPI (Women Against State Pension Inequality) campaign group had it's first meetings in Thurso and Wick this week and is going from strength to strength locally. Lorna Simpson and Aileen Shanks have been doing a lot of work behind the scenes getting signatures on the petition and even going to London to attend the recent demonstration outside the Houses of Parliament.

WASPI was initially set up by five women in 2015 who realised the injustice of the changes being made to women's pensions. Many people have spoken about it in the Westminster Parliament and Mhairi Black MP has been especially vocal about it. The campaign has now gathered pace and groups are springing up all over the UK.

Dr Paul Monaghan MP continues to put pressure on the Tory government on behalf of his constituents and I will give whatever support I can from Holyrood. Even though this is a Westminster issue, the more pressure, the better.

There will be more events in Caithness very soon, keep updated through their Facebook page and local press.


More info, including  template letter that can be sent to the House of Commons can be found by following this link.  -


Try and personalise it, tell your story and how the changes affect you!




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