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Brandon McPhee is local hero in Holyrood

August 19, 2016




World Champion accordion player, Brandon McPhee was my special guest in Holyrood for the State Opening on July 2nd. Brandon, from Caithness, has won numerous awards and is the youngest ever world champion. It has even been suggested he could be the next Jimmy Shand!  He is a fantastic role model for youngsters thinking about learning a musical instrument, practising for up to 6 hours every day.

He also contributes to Caithness Country Music Television, promoting his home county and the fantastic talents in traditional music that we have here. Brandon also takes time out from his hectic schedule to play for the residents of local care homes and is a very selfless and well mannered young man.

There were may highlights to Brandon's day, meeting the FM, participating in the procession down the Royal Mile, but perhaps the greatest honour was the opportunity to play in front of the assembled crows in the Parliament's Garden lobby! I have had great feedback from various people that heard him play and we all enjoyed it immensely.

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