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Inverness and the City Region Deal

March 23, 2016


Gail has written to the Leader of Highland Council, Councillor Margaret Davidson to ask how the Inverness City Region Deal is going to benefit areas outside Inverness. 


In her letter she asks about infrastructure, particularly roads and how the house building program will be extended.


Gail said "I welcome the Inverness City Region Deal and the commitment by the Scottish Government and the Westminster Government along with other partners to invest in the Highlands. The announcement on Monday touched on the Longman Interchange, the new link road, Inverness castle and the house building programme. I would like to hear details of how the wider region is also going to benefit. 


The Highland Council's Independent ruling administration had to put forward projects in order to gain the funding in the first place. It is my understanding that this will free up more money in the capital program for other projects and I'm interested to hear what these may be."

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