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Gail Contacts Minister Over Tomich Junction

March 8, 2016


SNP Candidate for Caithness, Sutherland and Ross Gail Ross has contacted the Transport Minster, Derek Mackay in the wake of the accident at Tomich Junction last week to ask what improvements can be made to the road.


Mrs Ross said that  there needed to be a fresh look into the problems at the junction saying that every possible aspect of funding needed to be investigated to help solve the problem.  


"Tomich Junction is a particularly difficult piece of the A9 to navigate, especially if you are not used to the road. The confusing mixture of right and left turns, the difficult sight issues and the speed of the traffic all combine to make this a dangerous junction that needs modifying. I have asked the Transport Minister what plans he has to make this junction safer, either a feeder road or a roundabout. 


"Yet another accident proves that something needs to be done. I have also been discussing this with councillor Maxine Smith on behalf of Highland Council and we plan to pursue this together to get some joint action taken."


"It is critical that something is done to make the junction safer. The austerity agenda from the Westminster Tory Government has resulted in a sever cut to the Scottish Government budget, that means that it is important that every avenue of funding can be looked at to see if it can be used. It has been suggested to me that given the increased usage of timber lorries in the area it would be worth while seeing if some funding could come from the strategic Timber Transport Fund and I will be raising this with the Minister."

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